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ProxiFina is a microfinance institution created in 2016 with the aim of providing financial services to small and medium entrepreneur who are excluded from the traditional financial services. We are a young microfinance institution who believes in excellence and professionalism in our service delivery.


Our coverage area is currently Mali and Niger Republic but, we have a vision to cover at least 20% of the Sub-Saharan African region in the next 8 years and to be an alternative and credible organization to give financial and technical support to very small and medium entrepreneur in Niger republic and beyond.


The mission

The mission is to contribute to socio-economic development and poverty reduction in Niger republic and beyond through a viable financial institution guaranteeing the provision of quality services and adapted to the needs of small and medium entrepreneur.

The business model

We have a business model which guide our operations activities. This business model is call PARTNERSHIP. In this model, we are committed to strong business relationship with our numerous clients, with a very strong desire to impact the lives and the businesses of those micro entrepreneur who care to do business with us.


We are strongly committed to adding value to every community where we find our self.


The operational products are:


(Saving Product)                                      

  1. Savings account
  2. Term deposit
  3. Salary saving plan and loan
  4. Hadj saving plan (Pilgrimage Savings)
  5. Taxina saving plan and loan (Taxi Saving Plan)
  6. Oga Kasuwa saving plan and loan (Merchants Product)
  7. Garin Arziki saving plan and loan (Rural entrepreneurs Products)
  8. Gonana saving plan and loan (Farmers Products)


(Loan Product)

  1. Individual and
  2. Group

our management is strongly committed to growing leaders

Aside providing financial services to our numerous clients, we have a people management model which is leadership and mentoring. In this model, our management is strongly committed to growing leaders, and mentoring them to a position of high responsibility, accountability and commitment to visions and missions of the organization.

Add value to Africans and Africa.

I will like to draw your attention that partnering with us can be done from anywhere in the world because we are highly committed to adding value to Africans and Africa.



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Contact :

Phone : +227-20 73 65 65,

+227-80 52 51 59


OUSMANE MAMANE DODO Deputy Branch Manager (Nigerien)
AMINOU MAMANE Branch Manager (Nigerien)


Administration/Finance Responsable (Nigerien)


Deputy Chief operation director (Nigerien)


Leadership and Compétence Development  Responsible/saving Director (Nigerian)


Partnership Director (Senegalese)

ONUH Friday

Chief Operations Director (Nigerian)
AMZA Tahirou President and CEO (Nigerien)

 AMZA Tahirou

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